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Desktop & Mobile


UI/UX Design & Development


Revamp existing Desktop & Mobile website to a single responsive website


Create a User friendly website where users can purchase coupons with just few clicks.

Case Study


Tools Used: Google Analytics, reports pulled from site by Developers.

User Personas
Used research to identify Two types of people.

  1. Brands:
    Companies put large quantities of Cash Back coupons on different stores and websites.
  2. Users:
    Users who are buying Cash Back coupons while shopping their favorite products to get a discount for the next time they buy a new product.


User tests were developed using the data pulled from our research and the concerns raised by the companies owners. The tests consisted of a list of set tasks that users were asked to complete. Insights from the testing proved very insightful into where our bias and misconceptions about the site were.

Findings and takeaways from the tests included:

  • Strong brand.
  • Trustworthy.
  • Hard to understand the difference between discounts and Cash Back Offers.
  • Confusing Cash Back coupons. (People were bouncing before reaching critical points in the user flow)
  • People confused with the amount of distractions they had to face before checking out


Tools Used: Photoshop.

After learning about the strengths and weaknesses of the site, I striped away all of the design elements in photoshop and created wireframes of the current process. I then created an ideal wireframe of a user flow based on the data from our research into ideal user behaviors and where bounces were occurring. This gave me a road map moving forward on where there were weaknesses in the UX. The main insight was that conceptual information needed to be moved higher up in the funnel for the Cash Back site maps.


Tools Used: Photoshop.

With the wireframes and site maps finished. Using their  guideline I redesigned targeted portions of the Cash Back portal. Almost every page of the the process was reworked, resulting in changes to the site navigation, the Cash Back page, product classifications, product page images and links, custom tool design, proofing process, and the final checkout. The prototype provided solutions to the problems we found during an exhaustive deep dive into the site’s infrastructure.


Technologies Used: HTML5/CSS Javascript.

After Prototyping process I started coding from scratch and I ended up creating a new framework for this particular product which was flexible on every device and compatible with all the latest and old browsers, even though this experience feels like a full screen interaction on desktop, the idea is to have a seamless experience on mobile. No functionality is lost on the mobile experience.

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